Arctic Cleaners, Niagara's 1st Solvent Free Cleaner
Arctic Cleaners, Niagara's 1st Solvent Free Dry-Cleaning

Arctic Cleaners, Niagara's 1 st Solvent Free Dry-Cleaning, located at 595 Carlton St. Unit 25, St. Catharines , has converted to an environmentally friendly, “solvent free” wet cleaning system.

Professional wet cleaning is an energy efficient, environmentally friendly alternative to dry-cleaning which uses the chemical perchloroethylene. Wet cleaning eliminates dry-cleaning solvents, filters and residues from distillation. Therefore wet cleaning avoids the health and environmental hazards associated with perc.

Professional wet cleaning is more efficient at stain removal because most garment stains are water-soluble, such as sugars, salts, drinks, starch, milk and food.

Wet cleaning is gentler on fabrics because there is less agitation. Colours retain their brightness longer. The process is more hygienic than cleaning in solvents and clothes are not left with a chemical odour, but with a pleasant smell.

Wet cleaning uses water, biodegradable soaps and energy efficient, computer controlled washers to clean the garments. Moisture-sensitive dryers and specialized tensioning equipment are used to finish the garments.

The detergents that are used in the process of wet cleaning are biodegradable and are made from naturally occurring oils. The pre-spotter is made from banana oils and the cleaning detergents are citrus based. The pre-spotter has been tested by Peninsula Chemical Analysis Ltd of Wainfleet and deemed safe enough to pass the California EPA guidelines, the strictest in North America .

These ‘intelligent’ soaps protect the fibers and protect against pilling of wool during the wash process. The fabric finishing agent gives the garments a pleasant feel, improves the wrinkle recovery properties of the clothes and adds a slight moisture and stain repellency .

The wet cleaning machines are much more energy and water efficient and do not contribute to pollution.

Not only is it better for the environment, but our customers will notice the difference in the smell and feel of their clothing.

All pre-spotting agents, soaps, and finishing agents are produced by the Soap Factory on Bunting Road in St. Catharines .

If you have any questions, please call us at  905-646-5510, and we will be happy to help you to further understand the wet cleaning process.

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Arctic Cleaners, Niagara's
1st Solvent Free Cleaner, has converted to an environmentally friendly , “solvent free” wet cleaning system.

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Arctic Cleaners, Niagara's 1st Solvent Free Cleaner
Arctic Cleaners

Niagara’s 1 st Solvent Free Cleaner
595 Carlton St. Unit 25, St. Catharines
ON L2M 4Y2